Six-armed humanoid creatures with vaguely bird-like faces linked to powerful magics and ancient relics. These creatures are alien to human understanding and pre-date all known life in this plane. They are not planar beings but everything about them seems totally unnatural. They may have once been the dominant race on the material plane, but basically they have become little more than a legend. All knowledge of them is linked to pre-historic ancient people disovering them and going insane.

Their civilization rose and fell thousands of years before even the Wind Dukes’ plane-spanning empire rose thousands upon thousands of years ago. They are considered ruthless, alien, beyond understanding. Life on this planet is just…insects.

Spellweavers are able to cast several spells simultaneously, communicate telepathically across a thousand miles, resist spells, and even completely resist mind effects. Even touching their minds in the effort would result in insanity. They are associated with 6-inch diameter indestructable disks that may have something to do with their facility with magic. Anyone but a spellweaver touching one of the disks would destroy anything within 30 feet.



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