Race of powerful pre-historical elemental beings, possibly the forefathers of the djinn, ruled by a warrior caste known as the Wind Dukes of Aaqa.

Riddle has some connection to the Vaati, whether through his blood or from an incident that occurred in the Whispering Cairn or some combination of both. His divine power seems to come from them, and the voices of the Vaati have chastised and punished him when he has drifted from the enigmatic place upon which they have placed him.

The party’s research at the temple library in Magepoint revealed the pantheon of the Vaati:

Itifaar, the Beginning: LN, God of Creation
Isme, the End: LN, Goddess of Death
Elistaa, the Order: LG, Goddess of Community
Taurah, the Blade: LE, God of War
K’atiir, the Storm: LE, God of Emotion
Faruq, the Light: LN, God of Knowledge
Ahliisa, the Myster: LN, Goddess of Magic

After drinking from the Fountain of Dreams the party discovered the fate of this Pantheon. The Seven, at their height, were active gods, present gods, from a time when modern strictures and rules regarding the pantheons were different. They lived among their worshipers. And they were not tyrants, trying to micromanage every detail of their mortal realms to suit their desires. They were leaders. Some were good, some were evil, but as a whole they respected order and balance. And above all, they treated their clergy with respect, acknowledging the most powerful as equals, and giving them reign to challenge their decisions and to exercise their own free will. As long as their free will respected the inherent Order of the universe.

However, when a disgruntled Vaati by the name of Senna destroyed all but one of the Seven’s worshipers, the Seven were soon clinging to life by a thread. They lost the power to take physical form centuries ago. They lost the power to individually grant spells decades ago – now they can only do so acting in concert. Like they must do everything.

So when this bomb ignited and all their worshipers but one perished from existence, in an act of desperation they fully surrendered their individual godhoods for all time and touched their last worshiper with their remaining power…that some shred of their names, deeds, and power might linger through the ages, and perhaps be born again.

They give their power to Tanner Land.



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