Riddle Whoreson/The Whoreson

Male Human Chosen (Spontaneous Caster Cleric Variant) Level 12


Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 26, Cha 12

AC 27, Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +18

Chosen Presence (Ex): The Chosen is considered to be his own holy symbol.
Aura of Law (Ex): Aura of Law equal to Chosen level.
Chosen Spellcasting (Ex): +10 DC to Spellcraft checks to identify your spells.
Domains- Travel, Weather, Knowledge, War
Feats-Skill Focus Diplomacy, Eschew Material Components, Versatile Spellcaster, Touch of Healing, Storm Bolt, Two Heavens, Reach Spell, Dazing Spell


My soul for Order. My service for the Empire. My shell but an instrument. My life for the war.

19-year-old human male Chosen (of the End of the Age of Empires) – gifted with the divine legacy of an all-but-deceased god – yet lacking any connection or knowledge of this power. Born the son of the triple-breasted exotic dancer/call girl Seela Traise (the “Amazing Whorebags”) at the Emporium. Grew up underfoot at The Emporium becoming close to Professor Montague Marat before he and Zalamandra had a falling out. Professor Marat named him Riddle due to his unknown father. Worked at Lazare’s at the tables and learned how to play Dragonchess from Marat. Became a confidant and friend of Allustan Neff – the local wizard (and brother to the corrupt mayor). Through prophecy and bits and pieces of scattered conversations Riddle has come to believe that Anders Land was actually his grandfather and that through him he is a distant relation to Icosiol, one of the Vaati Wind Dukes. Riddle bears the awakened Diadem of Zosiel – Herald of Icosiol and former planar diplomat of the Imperial Messenger Service.

Since his imbuement from this unknown power, Riddle has lost all his hair, turned a pale pale unearthly white, grown 5 inches and lost 25 lbs. He resembles more and more one of the Vaati. With the gang rape and cold blooded murder of Riddle’s mother at the hands of Kullen and his gang, Riddle has seemed more bitter and withdrawn than before. He enacted “justice” for his mother against one of her killers, Todrik, when he pushed him down a shaft in the Deepspike Mines. Later Riddle and the rest of The Infidels slew Kullen in retribution for her brutal murder. He wielded the Staff of Life to call Long Fist back from the lands of the dead to continue their fight against the Age of Worms. In the Champions Games in Greyhawk he was entered as The Whoreson, leader of The Infidels.

Riddle was recently severely chastised by the pantheon of Elder Powers who grant him his divine abilities for “not seeing” and he has had many of his divinatory powers taken from him. He now also continually weeps tears of blood. After opening Icosiel’s Tomb he was struck down by his Vaati patrons for a period of 7 days constantly whispering “My soul for Order. My service for the Empire. My shell but an instrument. My life for the war.” He has been gifted/cursed with carrying one of the pieces of The Rod of Seven Parts as well as several items of Icosiel’s Regalia to carry forth the battle against all forces of Chaos.

Riddle Whoreson/The Whoreson

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