Allustan Neff

Brother to Governor-Mayor Lanod Neff, probably the smartest man in Diamond Lake. Rumored to be a pretty powerful wizard and a former adventurer of note. Allustan has a strong interest with the history of the region and its tombs. He has limited knowledge of Battle of Pesh and pre-historical war between Law and Chaos. The party promised to tell him the location of the Whispering Cairn when they were finished with their work there. After speaking with Riddle, he sent to friends for more information about the Vaati and the Wind Dukes. Riddle has referred to Allustan’s interest with in the Rod of Seven Parts as an “obsession”. On Mondays, he attends a weekly meeting with his brother, for whom he serves as an unofficial administrative advisor. Allustan eventually told the party the story of his disassociation from Tenser:

He, Marzena Bevyns and Eligos Manzorian were all apprenticed to the archmage Tenser. Tenser was (is) a truly formidable wizard. Bold, brash, brave, and so very, very learned. He was always dedicated to defending the helpless and never shied away from a fight – either on the field of battle or in the mess of Greyhawk and Circle politics.

For a long time, Tenser’s relationship with the Circle of Eight grew tense. They were ideologically dedicated to the Balance, and Tenser grew more and more dedicated to fighting evil. Marzena really picked up on this spirit and followed the mage’s philosophy, but Eligos disdained Tenser’s “goodness” and Allustan felt caught in the middle.

While on a mission for Tenser 20 years ago, the three apprentices did battle with what seemed to be a unique undead creature – they took to calling it a ‘Darkshade.’ The mere touch of the thing aged Allustan 20 years. Eventually Eligos (who had always been the most prodigious student, even if Marzena had always been the most rough ’n tumble and violent) defeated it.

Suddenly a man in his mid-40’s, Marzena’s 20-something eye was no longer turned by him. And given the difficulties with Tenser, their sexual relationship collapsed, though they remained friendly.

Then, Tenser left the Circle of Eight when the Red Death broke out. He insisted it was part of an Evil plot and was determined to fight it. Marzena went with him. Eligos declined, and left Tenser’s service. Allustan got word from his brother about difficulties in Diamond Lake, which had had its population decimated by the Plague, and he went back home for an early retirement.

Allustan also had a friendship of sorts with Seela Traise, Riddle’s mother.

Following the destruction of Diamond Lake by the dragon Illthain, Allustan was at first blamed by the townsfolk for bringing about the disaster. With the assistance of the party and the approval of Ermaldon Webb, he currently leads the reconstruction effort.



Allustan Neff

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