Auric Taumen

Auric Taumen grew up in poverty in Greyhawk City, but distinguished himself by defeating, single-handedly, a small mob of ettercaps released into the Low Market by agents of Lolth. Devastatingly handsome and a skilled fighter, he parlayed his fifteen minutes of fame into a successful gladiatorial run in the Free City Arena, where he was a crowd favorite for years. At the Champions Games two years ago, he entered the competition with a warband named the “Ashborn” and took first place. Last year, he repeated the feat – the first two-time winner in the Games’ nine-year history. During his speech to the crowd when the Champion’s Belt was given to his keeping for a second year, he ended his womanizing career (and broke hundreds of hearts) by announcing his engagement to a young noblewoman named Lahaka Smallcask. He disappeared from the public eye for a few months, but when he was next seen, it was to announce that the Ashborn were taking to the roads as an adventuring party, hoping to right wrongs, rescue endangered communities, and unearth ancient magics for the benefit of all. Lahaka was never heard of again. Auric fights with a masterwork bluesteel greatsword he has named “Juliona” and wears magical studded leather armor. He is known for his blazingly fast, skirmishing fighting style and his brilliant prowess in circumstances that seem impossible to overcome.

During the CY 595 Champions Game, he accompanied the party, along with Khelleck, to the depths of the champions arena where a priest of Kyuss and a significant undead force lurked. He got in a good swing or two before running from the Spawn of Kyuss in abject terror and being dimension doored away by Khelleck.

Not long after that, the party discovered him chained to the floor of the Champions Arena in offering to an ulgurstasa which Raknian later referred to as the “Apostle”. Auric was intended as an offering to the Apostle as part of a ritual Raknian was performing in order to gain youth and virility. The party rescued Auric and Long Fist managed to keep him from killing Raknian with his bare hands after he learned that Raknian was responsible for Lahaka’s murder.


Auric Taumen

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