Champions Games

Annual athletic competition in Greyhawk, owned and managed by a former Champion, Loris Raknian. It is a 5-day long gladiatorial tournament, with four rounds of elimination. Entrants can have no more than eight members to a team (not counting familiars, but cohorts and mounts are to be included), and all teams must have a name and a leader.

The first round consists of six free-for-all battles between groups of four teams. The six winners are then paired off into three one-on-one battles on Day 3 of the event. On Day 4, two of the remaining teams fight each other while one of them fights an exhibition match (this is usually the reigning Champions from the previous year) against some kind of exotic monster. The final Day 5 battle is between the two remaining teams. All prizes are shared between the teams and managers. Day 1 winners receive a bronze trophy and 2,000 gold. Day 3 winners gets a silver trophy and 5,000 gold. Day 4 winners get a gold trophy and 10,000 gold. The ultimate prize is the Champions Belt and 20,000 gold.

All battles in the competition are lethal, though surrendering is an option. Attacking a surrendered opponent will lead to arrest. Flying and levitating are allowed by only to 40 feet. Winning teams can make no claims on the gear of the losers. Any tactic that endangers spectators is grounds for disqualification. Disqualified gladiators must move aside or risk the elimination of the entire team.

The party entered the Games of CY 595 with Riddle as their leader, under the name The Infidels, but those Games were cut short when the party uncovered Raknian’s intent to use the Champion as a sacrifice to an ulgurstasa as part of a ritual to restore his youth and vigor. The party saved Auric Taumen from this fate, and revealed all of Raknian’s evil doings (and those of Captain Okoral) to the Greyhawk Watch.


Champions Games

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