Cult of the Ebon Triad

A cult dedicated to merging three evil gods into one supreme overgod. Hextor (6-armed god of conflict, war, and destruction, LE), Erythnul (CE – slaughter and panic), and Vecna (NE – Maimed Lord, Whispered One, Master of all that is Secret and Hidden, a newish God). Possibly referred to in a prophecy claimed to have been delivered by a prophet of Heironeous many years ago. The party unwittingly fulfilled the initial purpose of the Cult in Diamond Lake by killing the priests of the Hextor and Vecna temples, setting free the Ebon Aspect in the Black Cathedral. They destroyed the Aspect minutes later, but the damage to the Dourstone Mine and on the surface in Diamond Lake could not be reversed.

During the zone of truth examination of Ragnolin Dourstone, it came to light that the Faceless One simulacrum, priest to the Vecna Temple, arrived first, followed several months later by the Hextor priest, Theldrick, and finally the grimlock priest of Erythnul, Grallack.

The party came across the path of the Ebon Triad again, in Greyhawk, when they discovered that the owner and operator of the Champions Games, Loris Raknian, was in league with the Cult. He was introduced to Theldrick by his old friend Lordren, and later dealt with a priest named Bozal Zahol in order to find a way to restore his youth and vitality, but Zahol seems to have been a cleric of Kyuss, not one of the three evil gods worshipped by the Cult.


Cult of the Ebon Triad

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