A truly formidable wizard, formerly of the Circle of Eight. Bold, brash, brave, and very, very learned, always dedicated to defending the helpless and never shied away from a fight – either on the field of battle or in the mess of Greyhawk and Circle politics. He is (or possibly was) an archmage who actively seeks to rid the Flanaess of evil. He is described as having an aquiline nose, and is always dressed in blue. There are rumors that Tenser may have been slain by the traitor Rary (along with Otiluke) in 584 CY, but these rumors are unconfirmed.

Tenser left the Circle of Eight when the Red Death broke out, insisting it was part of an Evil plot and was determined to fight it. Currently resides in a keep called Magepoint.

The party met Tenser for the first time in his impressive Fortress of Unknown Depths on the first day of the new year, CY 596. He is a normal-looking man in his early 60’s, slight of frame, in good health, with gray hair and an aquiline nose. Tenser’s sigil is a scimitar.



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