Tolliver Trask


Head of the Greyhawk Garrison in Diamond Lake. Until the razing of Diamond Lake by the dragon Illthain, the garrison consisted of about 60 soldiers, mostly human with some dwarves, who patrolled the wilderness outside town and worshipped Heironeous. Trask’s only concern was to protect the flow of iron ore into Greyhawk from the lizardfolk in the marshes to the south. He shut the gates of the keep for several days during the week of 20 Patchwall 595 in response to a riot brought by Jierian Wierus and nearly 200 of his followers, who demanded the arrest of High Priest Valkus Dunn for the attempted murder of Wierus the night before. Dozens were injured and 5 killed.

Trask himself did not survive the dragon attack.


Tolliver Trask

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